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    I know you don’t like to talk, but you gotta do it for her.

    This arc took a total of three scenes in the season (four if you count the scene where she’s not in the visiting room) and it still carried more weight than everything Larry’s dealt with the entire series.

    this guy is like 50000x more important than Larry.

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        what’s your favorite thing to do to stay active?

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              I hope we all find that person



              who looks at us


              the way Kristen Bell


              looks at sloths.

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                What do you think love is?

                I know you probably wouldn’t believe this, but me and Suzanne are so similar, and only my gf gets to see this side if me that I hide away. Bless her, she puts up with me all the time

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                    "I… Thank you I suppose…"

                    ( Saw that Diana’s birthday or ‘release date’ passed already so yeahhhhh… I went and did this lol ; u ; Pretty late but yeah CX -edit- crap… I see a mistake on the last one but already in bed jxicid gg Moon mun )

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